Hey guys, been a long time since I’ve been to the forum, sorry for falling off the face of the earth. My wife and I just can’t seem to stop having kids, so with trying to limit my online time while home, plus normal job and my rising real estate empire, things like this just fell to the wayside.

I’m still rocking the gen 1, it’s basically on autopilot and I never worry about it. I am way overdue to give my sprinklers a good adjustment. Also, we installed a pool fence this year and because of the unique layout of my yard, the fence had to go in front of two sprinkler heads towards the back of the yard and so now I have a large dead spot. I still haven’t figured out what, if anything I’ll do about it. It’s out of site and I’m not digging up anything for sure.

I’m also still having my annual battle w/ the bunnies who get into the yard, poop and pee in all their little spots that take half the summer to fill in. It was a crazy spring for us @Arizona lawn nerds wasn’t it? Those overnight temps just took forever to get above 65 so that Rye definitely overstayed its welcome.


So great to hear from you @Modawg2k!!! Welcome back to the community and congrats on all the babes :smile: :joy: The yard looks awesome, and that view is :fire:


Congrats on everything!


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Hey, @Modawg2k! Great to see you on the forum! Congrats on the expanding family.
I am also seeing a bunch of bunnies again this year. Thanks to the winter rains we had, the mesquite trees out-did themselves in pollen production. I’m not seeing “bunny spots” in the grass, but those little boogers love the mesquite pollen. (Must be bunny candy.) What I am seeing is bunny beans and bright green urine puddles (bright green / chartreuse–who knew?) on the sidewalks and patio.
Maybe St. Augustine stands up to bunny traffic.

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