Here's how to reduce or increase watering

Hi, I realize many here know a lot more than I about the Rachio systems, but I also think there are a lot of folks who ask my question: 'How do I REDUCE (or increase) the frequency/amount of water the Rachio decides on. I’m in Texas in a severe drought with watering restrictions, and am trying to prove to my water provide that the flex daily can keep my landscape alive with less water using flex daily than their arbitrary once a week edict.

Rachio support, after three tries, finally gave me an answer:

Option 1: First is to manual adjust the watering duration on the schedule’s page of your schedule. However, support rep said option 2 is really better.

Option 2: And the other is adjusting the crop coefficient for each zone included on the schedule.

To adjust its watering duration, you need to adjust your zones’ crop coefficient. To do so, please follow the below steps:

  1. Through your mobile app, click on the Zones tab;
  2. Select one zone and tap Edit;
  3. Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings;
  4. Select Crop Coefficient and make the adjustments - Increasing crop coefficient increases watering frequency. Decreasing crop coefficient decreases watering frequency.

Press Done to save.

*We recommend you test small (+/-10% increments) and then navigate back to the calendar view to see the actual effect.
Repeat the same process with the other zones.

The above is direct quote from Rachio support. Maybe this will help another clueless user.

My understanding is that adjusting the crop coefficient only changes the frequency of watering, but not the duration.