Help with wiring Rachio3

I have a Orbit sprinkler system. I am planning on replacing it with Rachio. I bought a Rachio 3 12 zone system. Please find the photo below of my existing wiring of orbit system. Could you please help me with wiring the Rachio3 system using the wires.

Hi Rakshith, you are looking at very straightforward replacement.
You only need to worry about marking the beige / off white wire connected to COM terminal, it will connect to any of the C terminals on your Rachio controller.
Red through Blue wires connected to terminals 1 through 5 should also be connected to numbered terminals on the rachio controller, but the order / station number is not important. During the setup you’ll be able to name / identify them with more detail rather then just their number.
Black power cable connected to 24VAC and the power supply it connects to should be moved / donated with the old controller, The white sensor jumper wire can be disreguarded / kept with old controller as well (rachio will not require it).