Help with wiring from Rain Bird to Rachio 3


I am trying to switch from Rain Bird ESP-M to Rachio 3.
There are 3 zones in my house. But as you see in the picture below, the wiring is very weird.
Of the bottom wires, 3,4 are working correctly.
In Rain Bird console, they were actually 2 and 3.
However, I have no idea how to connect the others.
I wired two COM wires to C, 1 to 1, and 2 to 2.
But nothing works.
Can you please help me to fix this issue?
Thank you so much!

Which model of Rain Bird? Is that all of the wires and terminals?

Hi Thomas,

The model is ESP-M.
Also, I added a whole wiring of the Rain Bird in my post.
Thank you!

Okay, great. It looks like no Master Valve or Pump (MV) and no rain sensor (yellow looks like a jumper). Should be two white (Common) to ā€œCā€ (can be together or at different terminals, which is what I would do) and 1-4 to 1-4 (as you mentioned). Being so straightforward, I wonder if 1 & 2 are in one box with 3 & 4 in another. If so, I would guess one white wire each goes to different boxes and therefore one is not getting a good connection somewhere.

Thank you so much, Thomas.
It works!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Great, good job. If I may ask, what was the issue?

I wired one com to master.
Also, in my house, there were 4 pumps, but one is dead.

Ooops, 4 pumps???