Help with understanding Flex Daily plan on Rachio 3

Hi all,

I’m new to Rachio and learning a ton thanks to y’all. I’ve gone in and customized my soil type, AWC, RZD, etc etc etc. I’m using Flex Daily and am excited about it’s ability to water as needed and save water where possible!

I’m a little confused however as my Allowed Depletion is set to 50% and I’m seeing my previous balance at 39% (0.08 starting on 11 July), but no irrigation is planned that day. I do see some anticipated precipitation, is that holding back the planned watering? A different zone goes into the 11th with 0.06 and has watering planned for that day.

Thanks for your insight!

The percentage in that table is a percent left to reach Allowed Depletion. When that percentage reaches 0%, it means you reached the allowed depletion, and that’s when Rachio water, to make sure it doesn’t go below that point by end of day.

Oh. So that chart isn’t 0-100% it’s 0-50%. That makes sense.

That’s true when your Allowed Depletion is set to 50%.

The way I mentally translate it is % from Allowed Depletion to Field Capacity. That’s how the graph shows it too, at the bottom a red line labeled Allowed Depletion with current setting, and on top a green line labeled Field Capacity.

Thanks for explaining this!