Help with new install

Replaced my Hunter Pro C today but none of my stations are working on the new Rachio 3. Any ideas based on my wiring? From what I’ve read I should only need the COM and the zones on the Rachio,

Continuing to try it I was able to get Zone 8 to turn on but it only water for 2/3 seconds. No idea what’s going on here

Do you have a Pump/Master Valve? I could be wrong, but it looks like that is the red wire and then you have zones 1-8. If so, shift red to M and configure that in the app. It looks like zone 1=orange, 2=yellow, 3=green (not currently hooked to Rachio), and then the rest seem right.

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That was it, thank you so much

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Great, glad to hear it. Please come visit often