Help with Installation


I need some serious help with wiring. I can only get one zone to work. This is what I’m coming from, can anyone help!? I have a Rachio 3, 8 zone.


And this is all that I have plugged in and the only zone that works. The unit worked fine before.

@Jmilo - looks like there is a master valve or pump start relay on the original controller under the pump terminal.

Be sure to enable that option in the application.

It also looks like there are multiple common wires, so I would attach both of them.

It also looks like there are three wires in terminal 2 on the old controller. If they go to different solenoids then they may be able to be put on different terminals on the Rachio.

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Looks to me like you do not have anything on Zone 1 on your old system.

Com - 2 white wires
Zone 1 - No wires
Zone 2 - 2 red (1 from each set) and 1 green wires
Zone 3 - 1 yellow wire
Zone 4 - 1 green wire
Zone 5 - 1 yellow
Zone 6 - 1 blue
Pump - 1 Green

Are you able to identify each zone a wire runs to?
My thinking would be, first don’t connect your wires while the system is powered.
So I think you have 7 zones.
Here is how I would apply the wires.
C - 1 white
M -
Zone 1 - 8 - one line each.
C - 1 hite
The last two are the pump I think.

I agree you before expecting one zone to work, if you are unsure of what is what. I would get the whites to common, the others to zones and the pump to pump.


@JPHauckSFO has it right except Pump - 1 Green … this goes into the M slot.

And like @DLane said, Be sure to enable that option in the application.


And seeing as terminal 2 in your original controller had multiple wires, I would look at the valve for that 1 out in your box and note what color wire is connected to it. Then connect THAT color into the terminal for #2 on the Rachio.

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