Help with advanced zone settings? Yard very soggy after 11+ hr waterings

I did a lot of work last summer in determining precipitation rate for my 12 zones after having my wireless flow meter installed. They were significantly lower than the default settings for the majority of my zones, with the toro / hunter pgp adj (fun mix of them over time) averaging about 0.34-0.37 in./hr., which does kind of match up to the pgp adj specs for the nozzles attached to those zones. I also did a soil test with some big clumps of dirt that I had dug up when replacing a few heads last year, and it was like 90%+ clay (very little noticeable settling on top of the clay layer).

However, the yard went from being a bit on the crunchy side the prior year, to being quite soggy after watering that year. I believe most of my zones advanced settings are fairly default, only adjusting the approximate area and nozzle inches per hour to what I calculated last year.

I just started up my system on Sunday this week, and the only adjustment I made was to bump the nozzle inches per hour by 35% across the board, knowing that it’s the wrong way to fix my problem, just wanting to get it to water a bit less at a time.

I’m in 44011, and believe the whole yard is cool season grass. The lawn has never been replaced, and the house is ~30 years old. I’ve done a bit of overseeding, but nothing appreciable.

What particular settings should I be targeting in the zones to hopefully manage what I feel is overwatering?

Here are the settings in one of my rotor zones:

For the moment, i’ve split my 1 flex daily schedule into 3 schedules - one with 4 zones running on sun/wed, one with 4 zones running on mon/thurs, one with 4 zones running on tues/fri. I tried to separate out the zones that overlap with each other (i.e. back yard near, back yard mid, back yard far) in an effort to reduce the “soupiness”… Also it’ll help not having it run until 7pm on those days when it wants to water all 12 zones.

Still not sure what is best for updating settings or my zones.