Help Wiring Conversion from Hunter Pro C with Pump/Well

I am trying to wire my new Rachio 2nd Generation and control my pump and well for sprinkler system. There is a cable coming from my pump connection to the Hunter Pro C with a red and white wire connected to AC1 and AC2 and a blue wire to REM. I also have a power cable from the adapter plugging into the wall outlet that has 2 yellow wires connected to the AC1 and AC2 and a green ground wire connected to Ground.

On the Hunter Pro C manual, it shows the connection from the pump or pump start relay should be a pump relay wire and a pump relay common wire as below: This shows there should be another set of wires going to the pump relay for power.

I’m not sure why my pump is directly connected to the AC power on the Hunter controller and how I would do this on the Rachio controller. I have a breaker box for the pump on the other side of the house that that is next to the control box for the pump. My pump has a well pressure switch that turns on the system if we open the outside hose bibs connected to the pump/well. How do I make this work with the Rachio system? One option would be to try connecting he blue wire to the M slot and just not connect the red and white wire to anything. The other option is to connect the blue wire to the M slot and just connect the red and white wires to individual yellow wires after removing them form the Hunter Pro C and keep the hunter adapter plugged in powering whatever is getting power now. Help?

Take,the,wires off each Ac terminal and twist the together. The relay will need a 24 volt power supply. The your relay connects via the common wire and the master valve.

OK, thanks for the reply. After your post I decided to take the Hunter off and when I did, the 3 wires, red, white and blue ended in a black plastic piece not attached to anything. With some research I found out this was some kind of connection for a remote that I never had. In retrospect, I don’t have a pump relay switch. My pump turns on automatically when it opens the valve. This thing was amazingly easy to wire up and works great. All I needed was the common and my valve wires. It literally took longer to name the zones and test the system than it did to wire.



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