Help understanding what happens when it rains

Hello Rachio team,
I am a new user with 24 rainbird heads split on 2 zones and a 3rd drip zone. I use NWS,local PWS disabled, 1/8th rain delay, water budgeting on, non-beta public android release; and I live in NW Florida.

So my system was going to water at 4am on Monday morning (every 3 days). We had .7" rain Saturday and .1" Monday (as recorded on my david vantage2). The davis is not connected to the IRO but I will have my wireless rainbird water sensor installed this week. Of course my OCD self logged into the app and changed the start time to Wednesday. What would the IRO do if I did not manually over-ride? Would it skip Mondays watering b/c .7 is more than my 1/8" threshold and water Tuesday? Would it still water Monday but less time?

I have a well and do not want the watering times to be “delayed” within the same day. I need them to start at 4am so the pump (and sprinkler) is off when its morning shower time. Can I have the IRO only push back watering by 24 hour increments or force it to only water at one specific time?

And finally how would flex times change all this? haha I know this was kinda round about, maybe there is a blog post describing the watering weather skip logic.

Fixed schedules with weather intelligence would skip the schedule entirely. Flex schedules would delay running that day if the amount of precip offset the evapotranspiration for the day and the zone was determined to not be soil moisture depleted.

Fixed schedules allow full control, and allow you to enable/disable any/all smart watering features (weather intelligence (virtual rain sensor), cycle/soak, water budgeting)

I’ve completed the two more detailed documents, will finish the overview this week which will tie everything together.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I look forward to 2.0 for android. It sure would be cool if we could “lock” the start times but have flex days based on weather.

That seems to be the way flex schedules are working – fixed start times with zones run or not on a given day based on weather.