Help setting up weather station?

I just got my Rachio 3. I don’t know if I have the right settings selected for weather. I am unsure because the Weather Underground iPhone app shows like 3” of rain forecasted over the next 3 days with 100% probability, whereas Rachio shows barely over 1” of rain forecasted over the next 3 days with 75% probability. That’s a big difference. The forecast doesn’t seem to change when I change between the combination of many weather stations and a single station. Help?

I don’t know what weather source(s) WU uses for forecasting. For all forecasting we use Aeris Weather irregardless if you have chosen a station or not.

If you have chosen a PWS we gather its observed precipitation which is used for weather intelligence in addition to zone moisture levels for flex daily schedules.


I’m noticing more discrepancy in forecasting data, even between Aeris and Rachio. Perhaps someone can help me understand so I will have more confidence in my Rachio’s weather intelligence. See the forecasts below, where Rachio has only a 20% chance of 0.05 inches tomorrow whereas both Aeris and WU have a significantly higher chance of rain and much greater rain totals.

Well. The Rachio forecast eventually caught up to the other forecasts and now is on par with them. Just a little late to the party!