Help Running Schedule

Hi. I need help with our Rachio system. Have had it for a few years, but a previous lawn service provider installed it and managed the app. She is no longer with us so I’m trying to understand how it works. She had set up a schedule which I kept and had been running fine until a few weeks ago when it suddenly started running zones for much longer than originally set. I had not changed anything but when I checked, each zone (8 total) was running for over 1hr. We had been oot so didn’t realize this was happening until my current lawn service noticed the lawn was saturated. Note, however, a few days prior to this, the front lawn was too dry, and there were several days that the system skipped due to rain yet it hadn’t rained. I’ve had this problem in the past and had to switch the weather detection option. Given all these issues with that schedule, I deleted it and set up a new one this past Tuesday. It’s set to run M/W/F/SA. 8 zones. I did the flex daily since it said “zones are watered based on weather and zone settings”. I did not do a cycle and soak even thought it recommend the smart cycle bc I wasn’t sure what that meant. I set each zone duration based on my lawn providers recommendations. The schedule is enabled, and it was scheduled to start that day (Tuesday) and never end. But, it won’t run as scheduled and under calendar it shows that it will run for about 2 days in a few weeks from now (very random). I can run do a quick run which I had to do yesterday (Friday) and today. Here are my questions:
Does anyone have any idea why the schedule won’t run as programmed?

What is the difference b/t fixed, flex daily, flex monthly? I want to run each zone for a certain amount of time on each scheduled day.

What is the cycle and soak function? What is smart cycle?

Will Rachio come to my house to help me with the app and system overall since I wasn’t here when it was originally installed? I can contact them on Monday but curious if Rachio does house calls.

TIA for any help!! I especially need help with getting the schedule to run on its own.