Help. Options to run a skipped rain day the following day?

Due to rain (even though we did NOT get any), it skips a Fixed Schedule run day. When this happens, I would like to run that scheduled run at the usual time (3 am) the next day.

Why can’t I either 1) “copy and paste” one of my scheduled run days that’s later in the week to a day that’s not scheduled, like the next day after a skipped day with no rain? Or 2) Just select Quick Run, but at a specific time, like 3am with the times for each zone in my schedule. I don’t want to run a Quick Run during the day when it’s 95 degrees outside and I’m not up at 3am to run a Quick Run.

Can I setup a new schedule and have it never run until I choose a day and then not have it run again until the same situation happens again?