Help move from Hunter X-Core to Rachio 2nd Gen


I would love some help with the installation of the Rachio 2nd Gen. I just moved into a new home and the sprinkler system was set up by the construction company, it was hooked up to the Hunter X-Core and it looked like this:

I did the installation of the Rachio but the zones wont turn on. This is how I set it up:

My Zones are not running. I think I might have the wiring of the SEN(s) and/or the C and P wrong. Please Help!


I think “C” needs to be put in the “C” slot on one of the two zone bars. It is the “common” wire connected to all the valves.


@jlobo26 did @sbillard’s response help you out?

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What are the sensors listed there? SC and SP? What do they mean?

Contractors keep telling me their customer wants to hook up a Toro Precision Soil Sensor to your controller. Is it wired into the SC and SP ports? Will your controller work with a Toro PSSKIT?

I am having the same issue. My wiring must be off but i can’t seem to find where I went wrong. I agree with @sbillard though about your C wire. Here was my Hunter setup

Last post fixed here ->

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