HELP! Lost all my client shares all 80+ of them

Okay, I can not see any of my clients’ controllers. I even had several re-share access to me and nothing. Am I missing something?

See the shared access section here (link). Seems like not only you need to upgrade, but all of your clients too…


It was a forced upgrade… it removes your icon from your phone. THOUGH shared Access is through Controller not APP. The ones that re-shared access to me HAVE updated their apps. Still a NO go… are you seeing shared controllers on your end?

Hey @SouthernRain-

We are currently assisting the update of pros and their customers and should be done by this evening, but as long as you are on the same version as your customers you should be seeing the shared access (it is immediately reinstated after updating). I want to make sure I understand, are you saying you updated your app and logged in and your customers did the same, and you are still not seeing your customers controllers?

McKynzee :rachio: