Help locating a Tempest in the yard?

For those of you who’ve bought and set up a Tempest, could you please answer a few questions about how best to locate it? I’m particularly interested in shade spots in the yard.

Does it need to be in direct sun from sunup until sundown? If it falls in the shade of the house, or trees, etc., is that okay as long as it’s not under the tree canopy or the eaves of the house?

I ask because the sample photos at the Tempest website show it installed in open fields, clear yards, etc. I have open lawn on my suburban property, but almost every spot of the yard will be in some sort of shade at some point in the day, for some part of the year.

Thank you for your help.

Have my on a 11ft pole in my back corner. Gets about 5 hours of sun a day, enough to keep the battery charged.

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Thanks. More than likely I can find a spot with at least that much direct sun. So, direct sun is only needed to charge the battery, and not to observe weather conditions accurately?

My understanding is it needs to be void of obstacles. Obviously, under a tree or eaves would cause the rain to be inaccurate, but things like roofline, trees, fences, etc. can change the wind dynamics. I am planning on putting mine basically as high as possible and away from things.

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I have not researched it out but other things could be affected by obstructions. For example lightning distance and direction right need to see the flash and hear the thunder??? If one or the other is being blocked and or unseen, I could see that being affected. I am just making some guesses and not really thinking about all the other sensors that it has.

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So it seems I would need to mount it on the roof. That’s what I was afraid of, because that’s not something I have the expertise to do myself. If I could mount it in the lawn I can handle it myself, but unfortunately it would then be in a shadow for at least part of the day. Morning, the house; afternoon, some trees at the western edge of my yard.


Remember that I could be wrong in my understanding. You might try it in one place and see how if performs. Nothing says that you cannot move it.

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This thread on the WeatherFlow community helped me determine location for my Tempest:

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