Help it's not working Richdel 446pri

Hi everyone. I Googled and I landed here where someone else asked about their Richdel 446pri wiring however I’m not 100% so I posted a picture of our old watering system box. We just moved in and I need to water my plants I’ve been using a hose however it’s a lot of backyard and front yard.

Please help and thank you for your time.
For months we have tried and all pipes are open and not locked off. This is my last resort before I call the number on the box.

@ineedtowatermyplants - first off one needs to determine if the issue is water based or electrical based.

  1. Water based - I can’t tell if there is a master valve installed in the system (terminal labeled M) that has to come on with any other valve. If there is a master valve open it up manually at the valve - typically turning a bleed screw on the valve or the solenoid itself. Then open another valve and water should come out of that valve’s zone. If no water comes out, look for a cutoff valve (back flow preventer) that has water shut off to the entire system.

  2. Electrical based - many times if no zones work there is an issue with the common wire. It could be the entire wire was cut doing some planting, maintenance or installation work. Get a ohm meter and measure the resistivity down a zone line and back on the common line when both wires are disconnected from the controller. If there is about 28 Ohms of resistivity then the circuit is complete and wiring is probably not the issue (for that valve/solenoid). If there is infinite resistivity then the wire is cut someplace and you may need a pro to trace the wire and find the break. There could be a rain sensor wired in series on the common wire that could be causing the system not to water. When wired in series, the rain sensor opens to prevent watering - so it the rain sensor is busted it could lead to this behavior.

Once the system is working, I’d suggest replacing the Richdel with a Rachio 8 zone model as it is so much better than the fixed watering that Richdel is only doing.


Thank you so much for the reply. We called a Plummer as well and the number on the box. Since it’s late in the season next year we will hook it up and hopefully get it started. Many thanks.