Help finding a new solenoid?

I know I can order them from many online retailers, that’s not the problem. I’m just not sure how compatible a replacement will be. I am unsure of exactly what model valve this is and exactly which replacement part will work. My web searches have been fruitless, and I don’t even see this particular valve in stores here anymore.

Help? Thanks!

edit: photo is below, not sure if it’s showing up or if you have to click.


I believe that and of the new 8 bolt top (not jar top) Orbit valve parts will work in the old Watermaster. The design hasn’t changed much at all over the years…

Home Depot has replacements on the shelf. Take the old one in and have a look. As long as the voltage is the same and you understand whether you need the “latching” type (used in battery powered systems) which HD probably doesn’t stock you’ll be good.