Help connecting to wifi

I have a Rachio 3 eight (8) zone controller installed. It would frequently disconnect from wifi, (daily). I removed the controller from the app after trying everything suggested in reading this forum but now I am unable to reconnect it back to my wifi. My wifi signal is very strong and I have disconnect other wifi networks in my home so it should only reach the single strongest signal I have. I just had $2,000 worth of sod installed and need to water it ASAP. Can anyone help with a solution to watering my lawn other than pulling out my old sprinklers.

@mredfranklin -

  1. Describe the WiFi system, equipment, etc. and location (non-North American WiFi systems have other bands that Rachio doesn’t use). Mesh, extenders, multiple routers with the same SSID…

  2. Download the RouteThis app and run. Code is RACH. Post resulting key here or send to support.

  3. Run the Rachio manually using the buttons on the unit.

Pay for a 200 sprinkler controller to use the manual buttons. Nice job Rachio.

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