Hello and help, please😟 (solved - end dates have expired on schedule)

I have been using my 2nd gen Rachio for a few years. I set a schedule a few weeks ago for my 2 zones. They are meant to water before sunrise. When I look at the history, the only watering I see is the manual watering. Non of the scheduled watering shows up. I reported this to Rachio and they replied with some logs. This is not helping me, and I can’t reach anyone on the phone.

@Rs6er - what type of schedule are you running - Fixed, Flex Monthly or Flex Daily? Did you leave a message, send a email to support@rachio.com or enter a ticket in the app?

@Rs6er Looks like you need to change your end dates on the schedules (they have expired). Also looks like a defect on our end that we allow a start date greater than the end date. :wink:



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I had called and emailed.