Heat wave and Crop Evap

irrigation = 0.35in
Crop evap = 0.49in (because of temp above 110 F)
Balance = 0 (actual = -0.14)

After 5 days actual Balance = -0.70in; however still shows Balance = 0. Therefore when the Crop Evap decreases and = 0.34in then Balance = 0.01in (actual = -0.69in); the negative is never made up all future additions are based on β€œ0”.

This is true, recently discussed here Avoid Clamping Flex Moisture Balance at Zero

Ultimately, you want to water where your moisture balance isn’t going into the red. Did you have any questions about how to do that?

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The problem is adjusting for unusual heat wave that takes a good setup under normal conditions to problem when heat comes and you are on vacation or away.

I read the noted discussion and replied there.

Basically suggested calculating the difference between irrigation and evaporation and adding frequency to make up difference, thus Balance is actually β€œ0”.

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