Head spraying in down position

Hi, I have a Rachio 3 and only one of the sprinkler heads in a zone is spraying while in the down position. All of the other heads in that zone work fine. Is this due to the sprinkler head or the valve?
Thanks, Adam

Sounds like there is some debris stuck in the wiper that is keeping the sprinkler from popping up. Try manually pulling the head up and clearing the debris. If that doesn’t work, you are probably looking at replacement.

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That makes sense but why does it continue to stay on (water coming out) when down? Do you think there is something wrong with the valve? Appreciate the help.

If the valve is open, the sprinkler is getting water, and regardless if the nozzle is up or down, that water will be coming out. The sprinkler itself doesn’t have any internal valving to stop water…

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Got it. The zone is off in rachio, so I guess then the valve is remaining open for some reason. Still unclear why then the other heads in that zone are not getting any water.

Oh, ok. I thought you were saying one head was stuck in the down position when the zone was running.

If you have one leaking when the zone is off, you most likely have debris in the diaphragm, or possible a worn out or torn diaphragm. You will need to shut off the water to the irrigation system, remove the top of the valve, whether a jar top or screwed/bolted style, and inspect the diaphragm inside and possibly replace. You can crack the water supply on for a second or two to flush out any debris that might be in the line.

The reason it is only affecting one sprinkler is that it is most likely the lowest or last point in the zone.


Great, thank you