Have you been debating that new shiny Rachio 3? 🌍

Rachio has a sale running for Earth Day… just sayin’ :smirk:

Use code EARTHDAY50 for $50 off the Rachio 3 and Flow bundle, the Rachio 3, or a Generation 2 controller. Code is valid through the weekend.

Still debating if the upgrade is worth it? Post your questions on this thread, and the Rachio Squad will be ready to help you with your decision.


i only see EARTHDAY30 for a $30 off… where do you see the $50 off code?

Hey @UrbanNomad! The EARTHDAY50 code is for existing customers, but I thought I would share it here too for those who are watching the community :slight_smile:

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I have xeriscape rocks, cactus, succulents, some desert bushes, and a desert tree. All on drip. 2 zone Rachio Gen 2 has been fantastic. Why do I need Rachio 3?

They added better weather intelligence to the Gen3 not available in earlier models. Also, the flow meter add on is only available with the Gen3.