Hardwiring without the AC adapter

Is it possible to hardwire my Rachio 8 (2nd gen) without using the AC adapter? I’ll be converting an existing Hunter Pro C setup that is hardwired and I don’t have an outlet anywhere nearby to plug the adapter into. And also hardwiring would be a smaller setup.


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I second this request. I am replacing my Rainbird ESP-12LX+ and my nearest outlet is 25 ft away. It would be easier and cleaner to reuse the hardwired connection than to run an extension cord or move the installation to a different location.

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Our outdoor enclosure does support hardwiring.

Hope that helps.


@Franz Are there any instructions for how to hardwire it? The docs on the Rachio website still show an install using the AC adapter.

For Gen 2 this is all you should need.


@franz Step 2 says “The controller will use the supplied power adaptor for both outlet and hardwire applications”. I’m looking to not use the adapter at all.

Ok, sorry for any confusion.

You can’t directly hardwire the controller. The AC adapter is used to power the controller inside the enclosure, and the enclosure can be hardwired to power the adapter.

Hope this helps.


What you are asking for doesn’t really make sense. You need to AC adapter SOMEHERE to convert the 120 volt AC to proper voltage. I think its probably DC too, but I could be wrong.

I would believe that the other units mentioned also have AC adapters- they are just integrated into the unit so you don’t see them.

Its really not the end of the world either way. If you dont want the enclosure, take the line you have a put in an all weather outlet and then plug the AC adaptor into it.


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@Stuman My current Hunter Pro-C box uses a transformer to convert 120VAC to 24VAC. This takes up less space than an AC adapter + outlet (hard to tell from this picture, but the overall box is fairly thin)

Right, I am no electrician, but I think they are essentially doing the same thing. I had that same unit. I just bought the Racchio enclosure and hardwired it.


@Stuman Part of my hesitation was wanting to be able to reuse this box, but it looks like I won’t be able to.

Any pointers on this particular conversion since you’ve done it?

he he- I was hoping to do the same thing. No dice. They dont fit. And the rachio box is a bit of a rip off :slight_smile:

But all in all its a nice unit when its all together. You have lots of room behind the rachio controller to put the wires and the ac. Of course the box is deeper that your old one- probably about 4 inches or more.

While I am on the subject. I saw a note that recommended that you bring the controller inside during the winter. That seems like quite a pain. I am not sure why- I never had the bring in the ole Hunter Pro-C!


Agree - My Hunter Pro-C has been outside in the box for 15 years. The box is weather tight so it’s not a problem.

It is 24V AC, but you’re correct, you need some sort of transformer. By using an “external” transformer it makes it easier to internationalise (just get an appropriate plug pack - which is what I am going to be doing in Australia). It also probably makes it easier to pass the electronics requirements - the entire thing operates at 24V AC and it is up to the plug pack to be safe at high voltages.

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@Stuman @rachiuser no need to take the controller inside for winter- just put it in standby mode! It is good down to -31F, can’t imagine many places are getting much colder than that.

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Did you ever end up resolving this? The other thing you could do would be to just replace the transformer with an outlet, if you have room. An outlet in a handy box would probably be similar in size to a transformer. You’re right that when you add the AC adapter in, it would probably take up more total space, but would allow you to keep the existing enclosure.

I am going to try to run dual controllers in my existing box once I can get around to doing the work with this method - it currently has AC>24V Transformer, and so I will want to replace the transformer with an outlet so I can hopefully plug both in.

Does anyone know if two Rachio power adapters can fit into a normal-sized outlet together? Given that some people are running two, I certainly hope so…

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I never did quite resolve it and ended up just buying an outdoor enclosure to run my power into and use the AC adapter. I haven’t actually installed it yet since it’s been raining like crazy for the last 2 months, but soon.

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@bagspacked, as discussed above, the Rachio controller requires the Rachio enclosure to be installed outdoors. We sell the enclosures for a very affordable $29 – these include an outlet to plug the power adaptor into and keeps everything weather proof. A concern with using an external power adaptor is that you’ll need to purchase an outlet cover large enough to weatherproof two power adaptors, which in itself will probably cost more than two Rachio enclosures.

Here’s a PDF of our 2017 enclosure installation guide that details how to hardwire the enclosure.

Will you be sharing a common or master valve wire between the two controllers? If so, please review this support article.