hard wired rain sensor

I have a Gen 3 controller. If I attach the old Hunter rain sensor is that redundant? Will it do anything?

In my opinion, if you have you a PWS(personal weather station)nearby and it measures rainfall that is all you need. So for me I would say yes it is redundant.

I personally like having the rain sensor. Until I can get my own weather station set up, it’s been very helpful when Rachio thinks it should water (due to different rain amounts from my chosen weather station, or when the precip recording of my chosen station has stopped working). My system won’t water again until my rain sensor pops off. If you already have one, I’d hook it up.

What sensors can you connect directly? Why use a PWS - it is only used to calculate rainfall.

I also had a rain sensor with my old controller so hooked it up to the Rachio. Both the rain sensor and the Rachio rain skip are set to the same amount .125" and the two have always agreed so I don’t need the rain sensor but as long as it is working I’ll probably keep it connected.

@comet48 Rachio supports 3 types of sensors, rain, flow, and soil. See the link below for more information.


If you are using Flex Daily, the amount of precipitation that you get at your location is pretty critical.