Hard Reset Video and Instructions

Controller is displaying solid lavender, blue and flashing orange. I was speaking with customer support and they suggested I’d need to do a factory/hard reset. At conclusion of call tech support indicated they’d send me instructions and a video explaining how to do this. I received neither so I’m posting here. How do I go about doing this?


Is this what you are trying to find?
How do I factory reset my controller? Rachio 3, Generation 2, and Generation 1

yes, that does seem to be what I was looking for, but I still can’t connect to my wifi, so I’ll be calling rachio customer service back. Thanks for your help.

Update: As it turns out, there was a “recent” firmware update, and without the update it’s impossible for my 2019 Rachio controller to connect to internet. I am now given to understand, from speaking with Rachio Technical Support, that there are two ways to update the firmware if controller is not presently connected to internet, either use an old iPhone/iPad or Mac computer, or run a windows program. Mind you, when I say “old” I mean old, like pre-iPhone 10 old, so what is that, at least 5-6 years old?

I don’t have any Apple devices that old, and try as I may, with tech support’s assistance, I could not get the 2019 controller to update. What’s the solution? There is none! Now my 2019 controller is out-of-date, and MUST be replaced!

Ok, fair enough, but you’d assume a great company, under the circumstances, would offer a close to free coupon to be used to purchase a replacement, or maybe even replace the old one for 100% free. Nope, according to Rachio I’m out of luck, and must buy a new one because it’s past the 2 year warranty!! They offer zero discount!

To me this is egregious. There should be a way to use a cord to attach to a computer so that updates can be done when the controller is not connected to the internet. It’s totally unacceptable that Rachio would treat their customers this way and put a product on the market that is effectively obsolete in less than three years! I just bought a second Rachio for my second home, and I’ll be returning that one and replacing it with a competitor. $200 is a bit too much to spend for a controller that might last 3 years if I’m lucky. My old rain bird lasted 2 decades and was still going strong when I replaced it!

Other than posting this here, I need to find a way to let current and future Rachio owners about this. Any suggestions for how to optimize such a posting? Reddit? I’m guessing this post won’t last too long.