Happy Earth Day! 🌎


It’s almost Earth Day!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m incredibly proud to be part of a community that promotes water conservation and is pushing towards protecting our planet.

As per usual, we’re celebrating with $30 off any Rachio controller or bundle. Use code EARTHDAY19 to upgrade to the Rachio 3 if you haven’t already.

In preparation for Earth Day, our team wanted to add a little color to our office and eventually to our home gardens. Can anyone guess what we’re growing?

ALSO Check out these roots! We’ll have to transfer them into bigger pots this week.


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Hmmmmm…you guys ARE in Colorado…:wink:


HAHAHA your only hint is that we’re not growing weed in our office :rofl:


I can’t believe you went there @laura.bauman! I was merely talking about the Aquilegia Coerulea, or Rocky Mountain Columbine…your state flower of course! :rofl::joy::rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I think if I’m still falling for the Colorado plant jokes then I haven’t lived here long enough.

And while the Aquilegia Coerulea and Rocky Mountain Columbine are beautiful, they are still not quite what we’re growing here :slight_smile:


This promo worked for me! $30 off, and I found out that Rachio qualifies for a $100 rebate from my water company. Thanks for putting all the work in on the rebates button. I ended up with a Rachio3 for $99 !!
Too good to pass up.

Thank you Rachio.



I’d love to upgrade from G2 to G3 if there were a trade-in/upgrade offer. :beers:


Let’s get a better look at those leaves! Having a hard time with this one!


@araposo :slight_smile:


Bay leaf plant. Bay Laurel


Still difficult to tell from the photo, but I would say it looks like a helianthus–sunflower.



@sunny - NAILED IT! :hammer:


Cool plant stake!:+1: I would put some of those in my flower beds that are on the corner of the front yard where people walk by. Recently when the Dutch Iris were in full bloom, I watched a car back up and the lady got out to photograph them. That happens pretty much every year.


@sunny glad you like them! I just found a bunch of them when we did an office spring cleaning last week. I think they’re from a few years ago. Maybe I’ll try to get them in circulation again sometime soon :slight_smile:


I’d put them in this flower bed. The bunnies and quail like to eat these, though. It’s been a struggle to get anything to bloom.


And here:


@sunny SO PRETTY (no surprise!)


Thank you! I’m glad that I’ve got Rachio in my bag of tricks!