Happy Camper

Installed Rachio 3 in March this year.
Live in central Florida.
Have 8 zones in my system.

I am extremely impressed with the operation of the Rachio 3.
Monitoring a weather station within .8 miles.
The St Augustine grass is a solid carpet like.
Don’t have to monkey around in the summer turning on/off the Hunter manual system.

Have a suggestion for the snowbirds that live here and migrate north during the summer…get a Rachio 3 and save big bucks.


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and experience, @villageguy :slight_smile: Welcome to the Rachio family!

-Lo :rachio:

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@villageguy Thank you for sharing!

Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your most pleasurable enjoyment of Rachio products. I would encourage the snowbirds to get a Rachio for the summer and winter homes. They could monitor both from the wherever they are.