Grass Type

Why is Grass Type not as important as Soil type? I have fescue and the root system is dramatically different from Bermuda. Installed Rachio and now all my grass is dry suffering and dying

Grass type does make a difference and you have described a warm season and cool season grass via Fescue and Bermuda which we adjust for.

Can you let us know what kind of schedule you are using?

I tried the auto schedule. But noticed after the first day it was not scheduled to run again for 6 days. Dallas, 103, 102, 104, 103, 102…dead. Cannot go that long without water. So, programming based on the weather seems to not involve the temperature.

@stereoguy Dallas! Went to college up in Richardson so I completely understand the heat factor.

Temperature does affect schedules in a way, but before you hop onto the Flex Daily wagon, we commonly recommend starting a fixed or flex monthly schedule for most zones and choose one of your zones to start optimizing for Flex Daily.

@DLane is an expert in this area and has lots of fun links.

@stereoguy - there are Flex Daily schedule users in Dallas that get good results. Rachio uses evapotranspiration.

Most issues that I’ve seen on Flex Daily are incorrect settings - soil type/available water capacity, root zone depth, etc.

And it only got to 93 today here in Big D- a virtual cold front! With rain potential the rest of the week.

Here’s one link:

Post a picture of your zone settings and I’m sure someone in the community will chime in with suggestions.