Grass or weed?

Hi friends.

Every year these blades sprout out all over my lawn. Northeast. Temps in 80s

Weed. Nutsedge.


Just pulling it doesn’t get rid of it or at least not quickly. Definitely a candidate for judicious and labeled use of herbicide.


thank you! so glad you could help!

Nut-sedge can be a bear. Each standing rhizome is the host of 8 or 10 seeds or Nutletts that stay underground. Anytime you pull a stalk out of the ground, it activates the remaining nuts to start growing.

A nut-sedge select herbicide can get ride of the sedge and seeds when you follow the package directions.


BLINDSIDE also works GREAT and is safe for most warm season grasses, selective… destroys most weeds and really knocks down nut sedge. Its like $110 for a bottle but you can make a lifetime supply of the stuff with that bottle.

Be patient with nutsedge and be PERSISTENT - it will take a year or two to totally get rid of it assuming you have a bad infestation. Be timely with your pre-M applications also to help prevent new sprouts in the spring/summer.

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