Grass Less Green

Apologies for the title gore. My grass seems very healthy, and I’m happy with my current Rachio setup. I feel it’s doing what it needs to do. My question is, my grass seems less green than my neighbors who do not know the power of the Rachio. The obvious answer is maybe they’re using much more water than I am. Perhaps it has something to do with the “fertilization and weed” service I’m using.

It’s probably too late in the season to test or do anything about it, but if it is the water, is there a way to tell my Rachio to keep doing what you’re doing, but do it say 20% more? The “faded green” is more or less uniform across all zones.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

what kind of grass?


So i have bermuda, and i’m learning more towards it being a feeding/nutrient difference vs watering. If your grass is a blue/gray color, then that means the bermuda is underwatered. But if it’s just a different/brighter green probably has to do with either different variety of bermuda or nutrients. Ask the service you pay for to discuss why your grass isn’t as green as the others.

But if you just want to increase water in the schedule, go into edit schedule and duration and you can hit the plus and minus sign to increase/decrease.

Great info, thanks for the response!

Many lawn services use cheap fertilizer. I went to Home Depot and bought their Lesco slow release fertilizer. I have the best looking lawn on my street. Look for a lawn service that uses a liquid fertilizer with Uflex as a stabilizer and provides slow release/spoon feeding.

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