Grass Cut Alert

When you create the grass graphic for the top of the moisture depth chart it would be nice to see it grow over time based on the metrics and data you know about
The users property. From this you could send a push notification to users to indicate time to cut the grass. Wives across America would love it!

You’ need an input section in the graph for users to input how many inches of growth should trigger the Alert .



:joy: This is hilarious. I like it, the grass animation would be really cool. You are talking about above the moisture graph root graphic idea, correct?

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Very funny! :smiley:
I mow the lawn on occasion, but would have to turn off this notification. I don’t need another electronic device nagging me.:wink:


Mowing the lawn is actually how I escape the insane asylum that is the inside of my house


I work in my garden to forget the stresses of the day. Gardening is cheaper than therapy. And I get tomatoes, too!


ROTFL. I didn’t realize it would get such responses. But now that I reread it, it is very FUNnnY! But yes that is the location. I could really see it catching on as a new app or technology.

Scientifically speaking, cutting the lawn too often can actually stress your grass. However, not cutting it often enough could actually stress your wife. :joy:

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Which, in turn, stresses your wife.

That’d be a great feature to nag the wife while I’m away on business for four months :-p. I just use a reoccurring reminder for now.