Graphs showing water usage by zone

I do appreciate the graphs that show total water usage by month & day, but I would also like to see graphs/charts with a breakdown of water usage by zone. I have a flow meter connected to my Gen2 controller and appreciate the more accurate usage data. But when multiple zones run on a single day, it’s impossible to determine how much water was used on each zone. In Southern California we have a constant water shortage and need to use it as efficiently as possible. I have used a competing controller in the past that provided customizable graphs with usage by zone, but the competing controller had lots of other problems that caused to choose the Rachio Gen2.


It would seem to me, that tracking water per zone would be a good idea, assuming you are not running 2 zones at one time.

If the application doesn’t do it, you could always do it yourself, run a zone for XX time, and record the data, or do you own Cup Tests. You shouldn’t be watering based on volume, you should be watering based on cost vs results.

Here in Colorado, I had to drop my advanced settings down substantially to limit the watering to what I know my grass can support, water here is my biggest utility cost during the summer, more than gas in the winter.