Graphical representation of zone settings

it would probably not be possible on the app (maybe the ipad), but at least on the website, it would be nice to see a graphical representation of the predicted watering schedule based on the zone settings as you change them (dynamically). basically, a split screen with the setting sliders on one side and a graph and calendar on the other side. as you change the root depth, you suddenly see more watering times added, as you change depletion allowed, you see longer or shorter run times. i think this would help a lot of people who are having trouble not understanding what these settings do and avoid a lot of guess work (and avoid a lot of over/under watering).


+1 This would be awesome. I’m using sub-surface drip with turf so basically tweaking the settings to get the watering time I need and then trying to let the system adjust for weather.

YES this would be PERFECT! Great idea!

Hey @ray75228!

SO sorry I’m just seeing this. Thank you so much for the suggestion! That would be a super interesting and visual way to see how those settings really affect your watering.

I’ll share this with the team :slight_smile:


I totally agree with ray75228. As a new user, I finally found a description of what the zone attribute really mean. I found “How can I outsmart Flexible Daily Schedules?” on Rachio Community bulletin board. A graphical description is the way for new users to understand what effects changing these attribute really does. I showed a neighbor my 3 Rachio 3 (30 stations) and he said, “way to complicated!”

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