Granular Watering History Data

I’m in the process to add a flow sensor to my controller and I would like to see more granular watering history data. For example, how many gallons was used per zone and then the total for the watering period.

Hi @fpuig-

This is a fairly common feature request for flow sensors. I think there is a lot of opportunity to improve how we support flow sensor integrations, and this would be super helpful. Which sensor are you using?

McKynzee :rachio:

@mckynzee - I ordered a Toro - TFS - 075, not here yet.

Yes, definitely we need more granular data. Hope you guys can integrate it soon. :cheers:

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Let us know what you think of it @fpuig!

@mckynzee - I received today my Toro TFS - 075 and installed it. I followed the support article to properly install it “” . I took the usage as per the support document but now I have more questions. The software calculation (Before the sensor) was 17 gal. for 5 minutes. with the sensor I’m getting 52 gal. same zone same time. It’s not 52 gal. too much? I have 4 rotors with 2 GPH nozzle on this zone.

@fpuig Did you check the meter test to see what it recorded for the five minute run? That seems very high I would assume it’s incorrect but I’m not positive…

@mckynzee - I compared it with the water meter and looks like its off by 10 gallons. This is comparing the flow meter vs the main water meter. Could be possible apply an offset of -10 gallons to the rachio calculations?