GPM Zone Override

I recently installed a sensor on my Water Meter and as a result I now have accurate readings for each of my Zones. I know exactly how much water is being used by each of them when they are running.

I’d now like the usage numbers reported by Rachio to more closely approximate real life.

Is there a way for me to override the calculations so my usage will be accurately recorded going forward?


The best thing to do would measure the sq. ft of your zone and determine the precipitation rate of each zone. The system will then provide a much more accurate estimation.


@franz I think you are saying I need to fool Rachio by changing the precipitation rate to match my meter readings. Correct or No?

If I’m applying 20 gallons per minute, which field should I change? Is it the “Available Water” field or is it “Nozzle Inches Per Hour”?

“Nozzle inches per hour” and “Area”


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