Google home not working correctly

I have integrated Google home with Rachio. When I ask it to water any zone (say zone 2) Rachio answers how many minutes do you want me to water zone 6. No matter what zone I say Rachio always answers zone 6. I have unlinked and relinked and no difference. Tried it with my pixel phone and I can see that Google is sending the correct information to Rachio. So it is not Google misunderstanding what I am saying. Any ideas?

I am having the same issue, except mine keeps asking about zone 8 which is disabled.

I also sent an email directly to Rachio and which has not been resolved. I sent them the script from my Pixel phone. It says ask Rachio to water zone 2. Rachio replies how long do you want to water zone 6.

After almost 20 messages back and forth with Rachio and a lot of trial and error I was able to get it to work correctly by giving each zone a unique name (no part of name repeated). Not sure why north 1 and north 2 didn’t work, but it didn’t. I am still looking for information and will copy the forum when I get more information.