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I have a Google Home and I’m attempting to get Rachio linked to it. I was having trouble getting it to link to the Google Assistant on my phone but finally got that to take. The next part is linking to Google Home. Rachio instructions say to “Within the MORE SETTINGS menu, scroll down to SERVICES and select ASSISTANT APPS” but when I go there I do not have assistant apps. How do I get them to come up?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I finally found the answer. It’s in the main menu and it’s called 'Explore’!msg/googlehome/mDIi81QMWao/bqtwznnmBQAJ;context-place=forum/googlehome

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Thanks. I just checked and it looks I’m linked. Now just have to figure out and remember how to use it. :smiley:

Seems Google likes to change around their UI quite often… Thanks for bringing this to our attention and finding the solution @JimBo!

I’ll send this to the team to get our Support Article updated… again. :wink:


Do you have a list of the commands that work? I can say “Hey Google, Ask Rachio” and Google Home responds and the says I am connected and to tell Rachio what to do next. I tried “Water Zone 1” but it came back and said “I do not understand the action”. I was able to just get it to set a rain delay but when I then tried to cancel it I got a message saying it set a rain delay. :open_mouth: Maybe I said it too fast.

Greg you can find a list of supported commands at the bottom of our Support Article here:

How do I use Google Assistant with my Rachio?

Yeah that is where I got the ones that failed. :cry:

Greg, are you specifically saying “Ask Rachio to water Zone 1”?

I believe the commands are quite strict and need to be spoken word-for-word per the instructions on the article. Give it a try and let me know if you experience any improvement.

I wasn’t running it all together. I was saying ask Rachio and waiting for the system to reply. That worked with the rain delay. I’ll try running the command with the ask Rachio tonight and see if that works.

Mine works flawlessly with my Amazon Echo/Alexa, can’t wait to see my water bills for comparisons over the next few months, we just had ours installed.

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Yeah mine works great too now that I just run it all together.

I have found Rachio voice recognition to be pretty poor.

Where can I find the Rachio voice command list for Amazon Alexa?

Just say Alexa start Rachio zone 1 etc. If you linked Rachio with Alexa that’s all you have you do, if not go to skills and add the Rachio skill. Good luck!

How do I use Alexa with my Rachio?

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