Google Home - is Rachio a service in Australia?

Have my Rachio setup and connected OK. My Google Home does not offer Rachio as a service on my Home app. Is this because services are offered differently by country? Has Rachio yet to do this for Australia? Do I just got with IFTTT or Stringify?

Hey @mynameisplayer-

Did you follow the steps outlined in this article? I don’t know for sure if the support for the integration would be limited by country… Let me know if you followed those steps and you still are not seeing it.

McKynzee :rachio:

My Home app is different, so I’m not sure if it’s different by country or the guide is out of date. The screens look the same but the next screen after more settings does not have services. Instead I get an option from the first menu “home control”. From there I can add devices. It lists existing linked services, and “add new” - with a list of services. Rachio does not appear in that list.

Services are certainly is country-restricted. The same applied to the Uber service, domino’s pizza, everything really. Things still haven’t completely rolled out to the UK users.

If you’re on reddit, check out the Google home sub - some users may have work arounds, but to be honest I’ve not paid close attention to those subs :slight_smile:

Hey @mynameisplayer and @njhaley-

So I talked to our dev team and it sounds like we are not currently available in Australia. We are currently working through some other issues with our Google Home integration, but I am going to switch this to product suggestions so we can record this in our backlog appropriately!

McKynzee :rachio:

Let me guess - pronunciation and recognition of the word “Rachio?” :slight_smile:

Logitech’s Harmony hub had a similar problem that still hasn’t been resolved. The entire services lineup on Google home has mixed success, honestly. Incredibly buggy, to the point I’ve given up on most of them.

Luckily integration via smartthings is top notch :sunglasses:


Thanks “smarthingsfanboi99” but no, pronunciation is not the issue. In my Google Home app there is no optin to add Rachio (in Australia). I don’t need the functionality direct from GH to Rachio, I can always work around with Thingify or IFttt. Just thought I’d ask if it was on the roadmap to implement :slight_smile:

I wasn’t replying to you :wink: pronunciation (or at least Google’s recognition of the word) is an issue in the US for sure. I gave up after the first day when it would interpret rachio as ratio or Rachael but never rachio. I think the fact it’s not an actual word throws Google’s AI off.

And see my post above - if you check the reddit sub, you might find a way to get the services tab by changing some of your settings - so you can experience the disappointment of the services along with the rest of us.

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@njhaley That is absolutely one of the issues we are running into. That, along with some other issues, have been keeping the dev team pretty busy. @mynameisplayer I tried to look a bit into reddit when we first started this thread and I wasn’t able to find anything at that time, but that was a while ago and I am not the best at navigating reddit (embarrassing).

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Hey @mckynzee, the new shortcuts feature in the home app should completely sidestep any issues with recognizing “rachio!!” On top of that, you can use it like ifttt and use any phrase you want!

“hey Google, make it rain!”

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Woohoo!!! Heard there were some pretty cool announcements yesterday at Google I/O. And I am absolutely setting up that make it rain command.


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