Google Home integration with Rachio

I do not see Rachio in the list of supported devices when I try to add it as a device in the Google Home iOS app.

Please advice on how to connect Rachio to my Google Home.

I agree. This needs to be added to Google Home.

I have my Rachio connected to my SmartThings and my SmartThings connected to Google Home. With that I am able to tell Google to turn on and off zones. But as far as a direct connection, yeah doesn’t appear to be available yet. Although, for me, I have not yet had a need to tell my sprinklers to turn on nor foresee that need. I just let Rachio do it’s thing automatically. I do have one zone connected to my patio misters, now voice controlling that is nifty. I just tell Google to turn on the misters and boom, instant coolness.

There is a direct connection with google home, instructions are here.

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These are old instructions. The current Google Home app does not have the Explore option. You have to go under More Settings > Devices > Home Control to add a new device. However, Rachio is not one of the listed/supported devices. Which is why I made this posting.

Access the integration by opening Google Assistant (not the Home app). When you open the assistant, you’ll see a little blue drawer icon in the top right corner. Click it.

That’ll open up the explore menu - enter a search for Rachio and link your account.

Be warned - Google is terrible at translating “Rachio”, so your best bet is to either use SmartThings or make shortcuts so that it accurately reads/interprets “Rachio.”

What device are you using? The Explore option is available in Google Home version on my Android phone.

Yes, in the current version of the assistant app you link your Rachio account in the “explore” option. You can then use shortcuts in the Google Home/Assistant app to control your Rachio just like any other function.

These instructions worked fine for me. Thanks.

The “Explore” option opened the Google Assistant app, where I searched for Rachio and was able to link and login to my account. However, Rachio still does not show up in my Device list and when I ask my Google Home to “Talk to Rachio” it says Rachio account is not linked and it tells me to link it in the Google Home app.

Well, the Google Home app does not show Rachio as one of the supported devices. So I’m basically going in circles, not able to connect.

I’m on an iPhone and also tried the same on iPad using iOS 11.

What’s a bit unclear to me is if folks are using the Google Home speaker with Rachio, or just using Google Home app on a phone with Rachio, because I was able to “talk” to Rachio using Google Assistant on iOS, but not using the Google Home speaker.

I am in the same page. I cannot link Google Home with my Rachio. Is there any solution?