Google Home integration testers needed


I’m looking for testers to help out with our Google Home integration.

@njhaley @Ninjanate @CPTD @akulo @kelpayne @Rjawaid @cgendreau I’m looking at you!

Just PM me your google email and hopefully in the next week or two we will have some great software to run through the paces.

It’s going to be amazing!


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@franz Pretty sure you are a robot


I sent you my info, my yard is a frozen waste land of snow right now do you need the Sprinkler System operation to test right now, if so i’ll be your man in the spring.


@CPTD If you have any disabled zones, you can absolutely test now!




There is a 47% chance of that.



I would love to support. I am currently in standby mode but can test if needed.


Thanks @tylerp, just PM me your google email. Thanks!



Cool, my Zone 8 is disabled let me know and I’ll test away.


Franz…I am about to purchase the Rachio 2nd generation. I have Google Home and would love to be a part of the beta test. My email address is


Happy to help. I am watering once a day these days. Let me know what needs to be done.



Can I control my Rachio with Siri?


I’m interested on becoming a beta tester on this. This product is extremely intriguing . I would love to try to out. Please let me know.


Apple does not support an irrigation profile for Siri.



Please PM me your google email address. Thanks!




I’ve got a second Rachio that is not live yet that I could play with…


Interested , let me know


If you can PM me your email address I’ll get you on the list. Thanks!