Google Home integration for international users

Bumping this issue due to no reply from Rachio.

Google Home integration doesn’t appear to be an option in Australia and other international markets

Do you know why Google or Rachio is imposing this restriction and when it will be lifted? I can’t imagine Google could care, as the Google Home is officially available in Australia.

Until it is resolved, it may help others to update the instructions on your website and tell international customers not to bother trying connecting rachio to google home.

Also an Australian User with a Google Home. Was surprised to find the two would not work together.

FYI - I tried using Wink as a work around (eg Eccobee does not support Google Home but both support Wink so I can now control my thermostat from Google Home). Unfortunately, no go…while Wink supports the Rachio the integration with Google Home does not support Irrigation Controllers.

…will wait ,…

Got it working (well sort of). In the Google Home app on the phone, set the Language to English US (for both the Home and your phone). Then “Hey Google, Connect to Rachio” and Google Home will send a “Card” to your Google Home app with a “Link” button. Follow the prompts. It still does not show up in the Google Home app “Devices” tab but you can now “Hey Google, Talk to Rachio” and GH will respond with my account name and ask me for an action. “Ask Rachio to Water all Zones” / “Ask Rachio to Stop” worked! (I did have trouble initially getting actions to work due to the syntax needed).

Still, turns out it is just easier to use the Rachio App as I have 2 Rachio’s and the Integration with Google Home only support one at a time (you have to do the Link thing all over to change between Rachios).

Anyway… it looks like Rachio need to authorise the other Lang Support like English (Australian) for it to appear and respond correctly.

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Thanks for sharing that work around @jmone. I will speak to our team about making the lack of international support more clear in the support articles. As for the issues with international integrations, Franz spoke about the process here: Rachio Amazon Alexa/Echo Skill for UK Market

Thanks - It would be great to support other Countries, as when set to English (US) the home has a funny accent :slight_smile: … after all the US is “international” to most of the world (not the other way around)!

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Very disappointed to hear that Rachio is limiting support for international markets.