Google Home Commands

What are the Google Home commands I can use with my new Rachio 8 zone Gen 2 controller? Yesterday I got it to water my front dlower beds, but today it’s not responsive. Thoughts?

Hey @Maverick9465!

Currently, you can use:

“Ok Google, water the lawn.”

"Ok Google, start watering [zone name].’

“Ok Google, stop watering.”

You can also customize the integration with Routines

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Thanks! Is there a way to add time for it? I tried to do a quick water of my flower beds, but it defaults to 3 minutes only.

@Maverick9465 I don’t believe so at this time, but that’s not to say it won’t exist in the future! I’ll double check once I’m out of this meeting, though :wink:


No luck on adding a time to the command @Maverick9465 :frowning: