Google Home command to pause watering for a duration

I have a Rachio 3 connected with my Google Home. I am able to issue the existing basic commands successfully, however the one command I really want is not available. I tried to create it myself via IFTTT, but specific the option needed is not exposed despite being available in the iOS app.

Use case:
I want to tell Google to pause the sprinkler for a specified number of minutes. Pause IS recognized via Google, but it will only pause for exactly 3 minutes. In the iOS app I can pause for various durations so I know what I want to do is supported under the hoods.

Why I need this:
Shower water pressure is very low when the sprinklers are running. Instead of having spouse or children yell at me complaining about the lack of pressure, I would rather have them just ask Google to pause the sprinkler for either 15min or 30min as desired. I want the watering to resume where it left off at the end of the pause just as it happens when 15min or 30min pause is triggered in the iOS app.

Best case:
Rachio to build the proper skill for Google and include it with the others already existing today. It just needs to support an added numeric duration.

Next best case:
Rachio to expose the “pause for duration #” command to IFTTT so I can build Google voice command myself.

Thanks for your help!