Google Assistant "Rachio Is Not Supported on this Device"

I just got a Google Pixel and Google Home, and am trying to link them to my Rachio. When I go through the tutorial, I say “talk to rachio” to my google assistant, and it says “Rachio is Not Supported on this Device”. Any ideas whats going on? I’m running Android 7.1.1

Did you get it connected first? I don’t have the Google Home, but have it working on my Pixel 7.1.2 Assistant.

I actually got it working this morning. I hadn’t given Google access to my Rachio account. It seems like that should be a standard request when I logged into the app from my Google phone, but alas, it’s not. All good now.

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Excuse me for jumping in the middle of this (or the end, as the answer was provided already?)… Anyway:

I’m new here. Just joined the forum / community, and just installed my 16 zone gen 2 controller yesterday, replacing a 20 year old mechanical timer / controller (heavy, big metal case, 3 synchronous motors inside, etc.). Happily, all the zones came on when tested, and after some fiddling, I connected Google Assistant to my Rachio account, and Google Home now knows how to hand off the conversation to Rachio. I haven’t gotten the request syntax down just yet, but at least I’m talking to Rachio, and I can control the sprinkler via the Android app, so it’s just a matter of me spending a few minutes to learn how to do this properly.

The reason I jumped into this topic is that I wanted to note that when you establish multi-user capabilities with Google Home, as I have by adding my 3 other family members, it appears that you have to enable the Rachio<==>Google linkage for each and every connection. For ex: Google Home knows that I have connected my account to Rachio, and will let me “talk to Rachio”, but my son, wife and daughter, while having personalized account access via our 3 Google Home’s (and their phones), cannot yet “talk to Rachio”, as I haven’t yet connected their personal accounts to the Rachio account.

I’m not aware of a streamlined way to add ALL at once. This is just a heads up that if you have multiple users established with Google Home / Assistant, you’ll need to link up each one with Rachio if you want to use voice control via Google Assistant with Rachio.


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