Good installer in Houston/Sugar Land area?

I already have a sprinkler system, and a Rachio unit installed. :+1:

However, whoever installed the irrigation system cannot possibly know how to properly design the zones. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The zones are completely uneven in the amount of water the put down, there’s a mix of fixed spray, adjustable fixed and rotor heads, all in the same zones. This makes it close to impossible to get a decent schedule set up.

I need to contact an irrigation expert who really knows his trade, will do the measures, and fix my system.

Can anyone recommend an expert :face_with_monocle: who knows what’s up, and can fix my sprinkler system? :hammer_and_wrench:

I’m located in Sugar Land, so someone in SL or Houston area would be great.

Hello, I do not usually work in Sugar Land, but I might be able to help depending on where you are.

First, Are the spray nozzles actually “spray”, or are they multi-stream nozzles on pop-up spray bodies?

Assuming they are actually sprays……

Rain Bird has some excellent new options for zones with mixed heads. You could replace what you have with Rain Bird R-Van multi-stream spray nozzles and Rain Bird 5000 series rotors, which should prevent the need for separating zones. The precipitation rates for the mentioned heads are not matched exactly, but they are close. Just keep in mind that the R-Vans will run longer than the current spray nozzles (run times are like rotors). As a bonus, you should also save water with the R-Vans.

As far as your water timing goes you can do a catch can test, or you can use the non-scientific method by watching to see when the water starts to run off. With R-Vans, you can stop watering a couple of minutes before you start to see runoff. R-Vans run like rotors, 20-40 minutes (depending on pressure)

Licensed Irrigator LI # 24677

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I’m up north in The Woodlands, so I don’t have any recommendations on a company. One thing I will tell you is make sure they are a licensed installer. Companies doing do design or install work are required by the state to be licensed. Good luck.

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