GFI outlook keeps tripping

The GFI outlet, which is located in the housing with my Rachio Gen 1, keeps tripping. There is no water in the housing whatsoever. Has anyone reported this issue before?

Hey Brian-
I’m going to look into your device logs and check it out. If you have a chance, pictures of your wiring could be helpful! Do you have any way to test it on another outlet?
McKynzee :rachio:

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Very cool. I’m traveling at the moment, so I will have to send you photos this weekend. Let me know if you see anything in the logs.

Sprinkler controllers shouldn’t be plugged into GFCIs. My experience with garage GFCI outlets being tripped is usually something else in the garage on that same line is tripping it. Or a shorted solenoid is tripping the outlet. Is your outlet in the garage?

Most new homes are getting a dedicated non-GFCI outlet to power the sprinkler controller.

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