Getting Started with Lawn Repair

Hi all. We bought a new home last spring and inherited an irrigation system and whatever schedule was configured. We’ve had a landscaper doing maintenance mowing (cutting very short because they only come once a month). We otherwise neglected the lawn.

After being a little late getting the irrigation activated this year, and then the subsequent west coast heat wave, we’ve ended up with a struggling lawn full of dead spots from mole mounds, Black Medic, and crab grass.

I’m now ready to get serious about taking good care of this lawn. We’ve upgraded to a Rachio controller, purchased a nice new mower, plenty of Weed Watcher and Lawn Champion, as well as fresh seed, starter fertilizer, and compost for overseeding.

We’ve switched to a Flex Daily watering schedule and I’ve been letting the lawn grow back in for the past 3 weeks or so.

My plan is to treat with Lawn Champion, and, once that’s soaked in, hit all of the weeds with Weed Watcher, wait 24 hours, then, finally, (mulch) mow the dead weeds. Wondering if that’s the right order? Is it safe for the lawn to mulch in the dead stuff that’s potentially full of Iron?

After giving the Lawn Champion 5-6 weeks, the landscapers will core plug aerate, and I’ll then apply starter fertilizer, overseed, apply compost, then switch to a fixed overseeding schedule for a while. Not sure if I’ll be ready for another dose of Lawn Champion then, or none needed as we’ll be into fall and heading for winter?

Next spring I plan to apply Tenacity as a pre-emergent for the crabgrass.

Thanks for any input and I’m grateful for any other tips and advice as well.


Sounds like you have a solid plan! Make sure you have your zone settings dialed in so you can hit the ground running with that new beautiful lawn!