Get water usage stats via API

Is there a way to get water usage stats via API? The apps seem to display daily data, so information does exist on the server.

Hey @igor1!

This is not currently available through our public API. Out of curiosity, what are you trying to use it for?

McKynzee :rachio:

I’d like to see how much water (est) I’ve used today.

I can’t get daily water usage stats right. See screenshot.
It’s end of may, but it graphs like it’s first week.
It also does not seem to show day-by-day chart.
So I though I’d just export the data and chart it elsewhere.

Unless you are using a flow meter, water usage reported by Rachio is an estimate based on each zone’s runtime, sprinkler types within the zone (customNozzle) and yardAreaSquareFeet.

Maybe someone can give you a good formula to match what Rachio is using, but otherwise you can simply observe how much your water use was increased for 1 minute use of a particular zone and than determine the difference in runtime (in seconds) between observations, divide that by 60 seconds (or how ever long your sample runtime was, in this example I used one minute) and multiply that by how much water use has increased after each zone has run for a particular time.

Unfortunately you will likely have different usage rate per minute for each of your zones. This is not a perfect solution, but a solution never the less :slight_smile:


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Hey @igor1-

This is a small defect we are currently dealing with. If you view your usage from the web app, you shouldn’t run into the same reporting issues! Regardless, I am going to switch this to “product suggestions” so we can log it accordingly!

McKynzee :rachio: