Get rid of the external transformer


There are not many things I dont like about Rachio. But lately I have been noticing that some wifi smart controller manufacturers are using a beefed up transformer that is mounted inside the controller box. They provide an outdoor quality plug. Example products that come to mind are: Toro Evolution, Rain Bird ESPTM2, Yardian, Hunter Pro HC. I particularly like the heavy quality of ESPTM2 and Yardian. They feel well made. However, I do not like the terminal strip on Yardian. Also wish Rachio had terminals with stainless steel screws that are more durable.
I have learned that Weathermatic has both 8 and 16 station controllers that provide a free on board wifi air card that enables a use without wifi connection.
(such as HOA or light commervial). Not a fan of Weathermatic, but this is innovative.